Saturday, June 11, 2016

How much should I pay to tear down a one car garage demolition?

How much should I pay to tear down a one car garage demolition?

The roof on my existing garage is in poor condition and the garage is starting to lean to one side.

Garage Demolition

Typical wood construction - probably about $2000 plus or minus $500 assuming no hazardous materials like asbestos or lead paint - double that if the garage has them, which if the garage old is most likely. This does NOT include removing foundation or slab, which would add probably that much again to double that much to remove concert and refill hole.

This estimate assumes dumping fees of a couple hundred dollars a truckload - if you have dump fees of a hundred or two a ton like we have, then a truckload can run $1000 just for the dump fee - so can easily triple your cost.

If concrete or block then probably about 50% more on demo cost - but demo disposal cost may go down if you have a concrete recycling facility in your town, which commonly take it for less than $50/truckload - basically a paperwork fee.

Get a bids from a local garage demolition company here 

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