Friday, June 3, 2016

Home & Garage Demolition in Peoria, IL

If you’re planning to tear down and remove a home or garage in the Peoria, Illinois area, Advanced Demolition is here to make it hassle free to hire a demolition contractor. Learn more about our house demolition by requesting a free qoute today.

Total Home Demolition & Garage Demolition

Total demolition uses both heavy machinery and human muscle to clear the property.  Often, the home is vacant and there is very little that can be conveniently salvaged.  These cases are wholly an expense.  You will be spending money to have utilities turned off safely, a home torn down and large amounts of building debris carted away to a landfill. Nothing or very little from the home's original value is retained.

Total demolition is an attractive method for these reasons:

Saves time - hydraulic excavators can bring a home down very quickly once work begins... often the work is done in just a few days.
Low labor costs - the demolition work is predominantly completed by heavy equipment.

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